Saturday, August 18, 2007

After a long wait, I've received my "Google Desktop Patch"

Today, I've just received the precious Google Desktop Patch. Hoho, after ~2 weeks of waiting.

Really it's a nice embroidered patch with a plastic back. You can stick it on your room's wall, put it at the front of your Computer Case, stick it on your T-Shirt so all friends ask "where did you get that?"

The patch

Shipped package, thik and heavy as
I thought its including money :D

How do I receive a Desktop Patch?
Simply, submit a good desktop gadget to google.

How to I develop a Desktop Gadget?
First, get a nice idea, get the Desktop SDK, check the attached samples, choose your preferred language JavaScript or vbscript ...

Wish you luck :)

Developers Guide
Submit Gadget form
Google Desktop SDK

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